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Here comes Tuesday May 22, 2007

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Well, I like the idea of polyvore, but I checked the site from another computer and the images are just way too small to appreciate the all indie goodness contained in each grouping! I’ll be looking for a solution, but until then it’s ‘back to basics’ posting.

XL Wrap Dress – $40 by sixgunsally

It would be lovely paired with these Turquoise Cat Earrings – $28

And perhaps this All Turquoise Earthy Nuggets Stretch Bracelet

No bag today, but these would look great with a pair of mohops shoes


4 Responses to “Here comes Tuesday”

  1. Jianing Says:

    Thanks for using Polyvore. We hear your problem and will have a solution for you soon. Stay tuned.

    Jianing from

  2. indieflame Says:

    Great! :>

  3. Jianing Says:

    Hi There, We’ve made the embed image larger. Hope you find it big enough. Let us know if you have more requests or suggestions. Thanks.

  4. indieflame Says:

    Thanks! I’ll be sure to check it out! :>

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