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Super quick update July 31, 2008

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Next week is going to start a new Theme Week. I’ll announce it on Monday. 🙂

I’m actually going to be going on an extended vacation soon so I’m not sure how updates are going to go. I’ll keep you posted, but should I disappear, please keep check back. I shall return. 😉

Enjoy this cutie I found on ebay for now. I might squeeze in another outfit post between now and Monday, but if not rendez-vous here on Monday! 🙂

Rénie Day DIY 50’s Glam Retro Sun Dress


2 Responses to “Super quick update”

  1. boobsihazdem Says:

    I just can’t dig bows. No matter how much I try. ’tis cute otherwise though.

  2. Di Says:

    Just a quick tip – you can blog in advance on wordpress, so you can actually write up a few posts to “play” while you’re out of town by adjusting your time stamp feature. I use it all the time on my blog, and it’s been a sanity saver!

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