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Dreamin’ of summer… September 15, 2008

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I don’t know what kind of summer you’ve been having in your little corner of the world, but here it’s been dismal. With temperatures barely reachng 80°F on a good day, the dog days of summer missed us by a mile. My summer was mostly plagued by wind and rain. Usually, I’m loving this time of year and gearing up for “sweater weather”. This year though, I hanging on to those last few days of sunshine that pop up here and there. Heck, it even reached 92°F last week! 😉
Anyways, instead ogling scarves, jackets, and sweaters, I find my eye lingering over those lovely summer outfits that might have been.

A few examples, if you will:

50’s Retro Swing-Rockabilly Plus Size Dress by Deez – It’s been awhile since I showed you an eBay find, too long actually.

Summer Lovin’ Dress by Made With Love By Hannah – Have I told you lately that I love this dress?

LIGHT BLUE BIRDY BRALESS DRESS – I’ll skip the birdy puns and show you this unique beauty. It speaks for itself.


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