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March already?! March 5, 2009

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Sorry, I’ve been MIA for the past month or so. In my last post, I mentioned that I’d been sick on and off. Well, that continued a bit and then I was away from my computer as well. Anyway, I am so sick of winter! It’s been colder than usual this year and I’m ready for it to be over! So, excuse me while I daydream about spring a bit. 😉

springy spring Convertible tiered skirt – halter top/dress



Hot clothes to warm you up! January 15, 2009

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I’ve been under the weather as of late. I’m a bit sick of all the cold weather. I think I’m over my love of cold winds and actually I prefer a milder winter after all. *lol*

Enough whining, here are a couple ‘hot’ items I found while surfing. 😉

Boom Box Tank

brown negus


More holiday wear December 17, 2008

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Yes, I know it’s really down to the wire, but have you all gotten your New Year’s wear? 😉

Red Tiger Stretch Dress/Beledi Dress


Holiday party wear November 19, 2008

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While I’ll admit that the average joan probably doesn’t have as many dress up occasions during the holiday season as th J.C. PEnney catalog would have you believe, I certainly can’t be the only one who has a couple to go to.

Personally, I love dressing up. Any old occasion will do. My occasions don’t usually require sequins so I try to go for something original yet could be worn again.

Here are a few I picked out:

AMETHYST Purple Gothic Evening Dress – I DREAM of reasons to wear this dress! It’s so amazing!

AMETHYST Purple Gothic Evening

I see me in something like this Sleeveless fitted dressed by BonBon accessorized with a colored bolero or pashimina.

I don’t know why, but I can’t help loving the sweet simplicity of this Scandinavian Line – Pillowcase Dress

More holiday fashions coming up soon! 🙂


Fall/Winter Look 2008 – Take 1 October 20, 2008

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This season, I’ve taken to converting more summery tops and dresses for fall by wearing them with cardigans and wearing them as tunics over my flared jeans. If you’re more into skinnies or leggings, that’s definitely a great option. Of course, if you’re a fashionista, you’re probably already aware of this, and though I’ve been seeing this trend for awhile, I hesitated. I’ve finally found some combinations that work for me and it’s help me accept fall’s arrival a bit better. (You might recall my lamenting the end of summer since ours was abyssmal with very little sun.) Anyway, here’s a look with what I’ve said in mind. 🙂

Circle Button Baby Doll Dress – try wearing it with blue, green, or black opaque tights, leggings, treggings, skinnies or flares

With this Color of The Wind Asymmetrical Cardigan in BLACK


Summer’s officially over :( September 29, 2008

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Yes, the title says it all. Summer’s officially over and rather than anticipating fall as usual, I’m feeling nostalgic for warm days and summer fashion. I suppose a lot of it has to do with not having a lot of sunny days and tons of rain. Some of my summer frocks barely saw the light of day or were quickly covered with boleros or light cardigans and in July no less! :O

Well, okay, I suppose that is enough lamenting. Let’s try to get into the fall spirit, shall we? 🙂

Silk screen printed grey dress

Cutie Pie. sweater

Jazzy Plum Sweater

Daffodil Trench Coat

Greek Goddess deep dark purple dress


Dreamin’ of summer… September 15, 2008

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I don’t know what kind of summer you’ve been having in your little corner of the world, but here it’s been dismal. With temperatures barely reachng 80°F on a good day, the dog days of summer missed us by a mile. My summer was mostly plagued by wind and rain. Usually, I’m loving this time of year and gearing up for “sweater weather”. This year though, I hanging on to those last few days of sunshine that pop up here and there. Heck, it even reached 92°F last week! 😉
Anyways, instead ogling scarves, jackets, and sweaters, I find my eye lingering over those lovely summer outfits that might have been.

A few examples, if you will:

50’s Retro Swing-Rockabilly Plus Size Dress by Deez – It’s been awhile since I showed you an eBay find, too long actually.

Summer Lovin’ Dress by Made With Love By Hannah – Have I told you lately that I love this dress?

LIGHT BLUE BIRDY BRALESS DRESS – I’ll skip the birdy puns and show you this unique beauty. It speaks for itself.